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  • How long should my hair be?
    Hair needs to be about at least 1/4 of an inch long, or the length of a grain of rice, which is typically 2-3 weeks of growth. Trimming is not suggested as you can trim too much and the hair become too short. The longer the better!
  • I'm taking prescription medication, can I still get waxed?"
    Depends! You CANNOT be waxed if you are taking any antibiotics, steroids, Accutane, Retin A or other acne/ anti-aging medications, either topical or oral. It is so important to disclose any medication being taken so when in doubt, JUST ASK!
  • What should I do to prepare for my wax appointment?
    Make sure the area is clean and free of any heavy lotions or makeup. Exfoliating 24 hours before your appointment can help prep the skin and hair to be waxed. Ibuprofen or tylenol can also help ease discomfort, as well as wearing loose fitting clothes and avoiding caffeine before your appointment.
  • What should I avoid after my wax appointment?
    For 24 hours, avoid the following: direct sunlight (no tanning, sunbathing or sunbeds) heavy lotions, makeup or perfume excessive sweat (gym, sports or other exercise) extreme heat or moisture (saunas, hot tubs, baths, pools) skin on skin contact After the hair is removed, your pores need time to heal and recover. Avoiding the above listed activities will prevent bumps, breakouts and ingrown hairs.
  • Does waxing hurt?
    It depends on the area being waxed and each individual's pain tolerance. Taking ibuprofen or tylenol before your appointment can help with discomfort.
  • How long will the results last?
    For body services, results last 3-4 weeks. And for facial services, results last 2-3 weeks. With consistent waxing and proper at-home care, results can last even longer!
  • It's that "time of the month", can I still get waxed?"
    Absolutely! As long as there is a clean tampon inserted, you can still get waxed. Be advised that you may feel more discomfort than usual as this area is more sensitive during menstruation.
  • I'm pregnant/recently gave birth, can I still get waxed?"
    Of course! During pregnancy, you may feel a higher level of discomfort for certain waxing services as your body is more sensitive. After giving birth, it is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks, or after your first postpartum doctor visit, to get waxed.
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